Tragic incident occurred during parasailing, 3 people fell to the ground from the air

In an accident during parasailing at Jampore Beach in Daman, three people have been seriously injured after falling from a height of about 100 feet. A video of the accident is fast going viral on social media, in which three people are seen falling to the ground from the middle air immediately after take-off from the parachute. From the video, it seems that due to the protrusion of the parachute rope coming out from one side, his balance has been disturbed and it has been an accident.

In this viral video footage of heartbreaking of about 30 seconds, it can be seen that the three men fly rapidly in the air with a parachute, then their parachute had turned under the pressure of the air, after which the three quickly falls to the ground. All three injured have been admitted to the hospital. No casualties have been reported so far. All three have suffered serious injuries.

Reports say that earlier in November 2021, a similar incident was heard from Diu, where a couple fell into the sea amid parasailing on Nagwa Beach when the rope of their parachute suddenly broke. Ajit Kathad and his wife Sarla, both residents of Junagadh in Gujarat, had gone to Diu Island for a holiday. The problem was that the couple was taken out of the sea without any injury. Both of them were wearing life jackets so their lives were saved. Parasailing or parascending is an adventure sport. The tourists are going to enjoy it on the beaches. In which the parachute is pulled by connecting it to the steamer with the help of a rope. But there is also a lot of risk. So tourists should do parasailing with trend and certified adventure sport companies. Any kind of carelessness puts your life in danger.



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