Tragic Suicide of Jharkhand NEET Aspirant Marks the 23rd Case This Year

KOTA: The heartbreaking trend of student suicides continues to haunt Kota, Rajasthan, as yet another tragic incident unfolded. A 16-year-old aspiring NEET student, hailing from Jharkhand, ended her life in the Vigyan Nagar area on Tuesday, within the confines of her hostel room.

The young girl, known as Richa Sinha, had been diligently preparing for the National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET). The fateful event occurred at approximately 10:30 PM, casting a pall of sorrow over her hostel. Richa's lifeless body has been placed in the postmortem facility, while the police are now engaged in a comprehensive inquiry. This grievous incident marks the 23rd student suicide in Kota this year.

Assistant Sub-Inspector Amar Kumar of the Vigyan Nagar police station revealed that Richa Sinha had relocated to Kota in May, with a singular aspiration of excelling in the NEET examination through rigorous coaching. She had been residing in a hostel located in the Electronic Complex.

Late on Tuesday night, the police received a distressing call from a private hospital in Talwandi, reporting a student's life hanging in the balance within her hostel quarters. Swiftly, she was transported to a nearby medical facility, where medical professionals regretfully declared her life extinguished. The police promptly arrived on the scene to piece together the harrowing puzzle.

Preliminary investigations indicate that the young student had not ventured outside her room since late evening. This worrying silence prompted her fellow students to express their concerns and vocally reach out to her, but their calls remained unanswered.

Consequently, the hostel's management was alerted to the disconcerting situation, prompting them to breach the door. Inside, they stumbled upon the agonizing sight of Richa suspended, and they promptly lowered her lifeless form before rushing her to the hospital.

Richa's family members have been duly notified by the police, and a meticulous investigation is now in progress. Post-mortem examinations will be conducted once the grieving family arrives.

No suicide note was found in her room, and the authorities are currently delving into the reasons behind this heart-wrenching tragedy. Regrettably, this marks the 23rd instance of student suicide within Kota's coaching institutes in 2023. In 2022, fifteen students, all striving for success in competitive exams, tragically met a similar fate in Kota.

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