Tragic Toll: NEET Aspirant Becomes 28th Student to Die by Suicide in Kota This Year
Tragic Toll: NEET Aspirant Becomes 28th Student to Die by Suicide in Kota This Year

Kota: On Monday (November 27th), a 20-year-old NEET aspirant from West Bengal tragically committed suicide in the apartment he rented in Kota, Rajasthan. This marks the 28th suicide by a coaching student in Kota this year. Faureed Hussain, a resident of West Bengal’s Birbhum district, had been preparing for the NEET medical entrance exam at a Kota coaching institute for about a year. Since July of this year, he had been residing in Wauf Nagar, sharing a rented flat with other students in the same building.

Concerns arose about Hussain’s well-being when he didn't leave his room until 8 p.m., raising suspicions among his friends. They attempted to check on him, but he did not respond, prompting them to inform the house owner. The house owner contacted the police, and upon breaking open the door, they discovered the lifeless body of the 20-year-old hanging. No suicide note was found in the room, and the motive behind this tragic event is yet to be determined.

This incident adds to the disturbing trend of student suicides in Kota, with more than 27 students having taken their lives this year alone. The local authorities are increasingly alarmed, prompting action such as a two-month halt to exams in coaching institutions and the installation of anti-hanging mechanisms in ceiling fans.

The Kota police are also engaging hostel staff members to be vigilant for signs of stress or depression among students. Earlier measures include making premises 'suicide-proof' by installing spring-loaded fans and "anti-suicide nets" on balconies. The rising number of suicides has sparked concerns about the mental health and pressure faced by students preparing for competitive exams in the city known for its coaching institutes.

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