Travel from Delhi to Mumbai in 82 minutes, Here's is new Technology

The Virgin Group's Hyperloop has been under development since 2014, and it is now in the testing stage. This technology is touted as the next great thing in global mass transportation. Hyperloop systems, which are projected to travel at speeds exceeding 1000 kilometres, are three times faster than high-speed rail and ten times faster than ordinary rail. The adoption of this technology can considerably reduce the speed.

According to Hyperloop, this revolutionary technology can compete with commercial airplanes in terms of travel time and, surprisingly, without emitting any direct emissions. According to the Hyperloop website's route estimator, the distance between Delhi and Mumbai, which is approximately 1153 kilometres, can be covered in 1 hour and 22 minutes. In terms of operation, Hyperloop pods move in tubes that provide a near-vacuum environment, resulting in very little aerodynamic drag.

The Virgin Hyperloop pods will further use magnetic levitation and propulsion technology to increase their speeds. It is quite similar to the train as the pods can travel in a convoy but as they are not physically attached to each other they can go to different locations. The Virgin Hyperloop system takes the help of airlocks to slowly and safely take the vehicle in and out of the near-vacuum environment without any pressure. This tube will further have emergency egresses every 75m for passengers who want to exit the vehicle. Besides that, the Hyperloop uses central command & control for safe passage.

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