Know these new rules related to railway ticket refund

Jan 14 2020 09:44 AM
Know these new rules related to railway ticket refund

Thankfully, that round-the-clock ticket window went away. Indian Railways has changed so much in the last few years that now facilities do not have to struggle a lot. There are many rules related to railways which few people know, but if they are aware of them then the facilities can be increased. However, all these rules change with time, yet you can find out about this by asking the Railway Information Counter. But believe me these rules will definitely work for you.

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You can get a refund even if you miss the train: Suppose for some reason your train missed or you could not get to your seat. So the TT will have to wait for at least two stops. Only then can he give your seat to someone else. However, if two stops are coming too late then TT will wait for just 1 hour. There is also a provision for a refund if your train is missed by mistake. For this, TDR means Ticket Deposit Receipt. If this is accepted then you will get a 50% refund. Keep in mind that it will be received on basic rent and not on tax. You can also cancel a ticket 3 hours before the train. You will get money back according to how many kilometers you travel. If there is an i-ticket, there will be no TDR and refund can be claimed from IRCTC's online site.

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Rules related to refunds: Previously there was no rule regarding Tatkal Ticket Refunds, but changes over time made it more convenient for passengers. Now the new rule says that you will get a refund for the Tatkal ticket. Immediate ticket refund can be claimed if the train is late for more than three hours. Also, if the route of the train has changed due to any reason or the train has been canceled due to any reason, then the refund of the ticket will be available immediately. In such a situation there is a provision for a full refund and if someone is saying that full refund will not be received, then one can be reminded of this rule. Also, you have to submit your ticket to the station master.

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