Traxeon is an emerging name in Independent Indian music artists

Indie music is slowly making its place in India in the county where cricket and Bollywood rule the entertainment industry. The exciting rise of independent music artists can contribute to the new technological mediums and has given them upgraded living standards with their work.   

For a long time, western culture and eastern culture have exchanged knowledge and skills. May it is in art, culture, technology, and so forth. There's no second thought that when it comes to music, a country like India has welcomed various cultures seen in the global music industry and has accepted it with an open heart. This quality of acceptance has encouraged independent indie music artists in the scene to move forward in turn.  

To support this fact, Shravan J. Nair, a Bollywood playback singer, says: "Back then, indie music was still emerging as its own genre of music. Independent music and hip-hop were still fairly unknown to the general public. Now hip-hop has evolved a lot since we started and younger rappers and singers are coming up with their own styles and sounds." "We also have Indian musicians living abroad that are influencing the genre very heavily. Overall, the growth of hip-hop and indie music in India in the last decade has been a very positive one, and I'm very excited to see where it is headed."  

Indian audiences started accepting fusion music in their lives, Bollywood gradually caught the attention of emerging indie music artists in India in the 90s. When indie music and artists were picking up the pace in the late 90s dawn of the new millennium gave us legends like Pritam Chakraborty, who changed the entire Indian music culture?    

Later on, by mid-2005, the Indian music industry started witnessing an emergence of experimental music and videos. After that, the indie music genre slowly picked up its influence when platforms like YouTube came into the picture in the late 2000s. The immediate influence wasn't seen, but after 2009 many youths caught up with this music industry.   

Talking about the global pandemic situation, artists got enough time to explore their talent and nourish it. Among many hobbies people pursued, music was one of them that people have taken it seriously and made fame in the sector. One of the emerging artists is Rohan Shukla a.k.a Traxeon. He has recently released his single 'Teri Kami" under the GrooveNexus label.   An extremely young artist is very excited for his release.   

It wasn't an easy ride for Traxeon, though. He comes from a small city, Lucknow of Indian State Uttar Pradesh. He was always inclined towards music and has been making music since 2011. He used to play the keyboard when he was in school and that's where it all started. "I was really young when I started listening to artists like KK, Amit Trivedi, etc. And that has played a major role in my career as a musician. I was really influenced by them that I started making songs of my own and developed a passion for music over time" says Traxeon.    

With so many artists coming up in the Indian music industry and making names in the music industry, Indian youth today know how to catch the indie music culture's early influence by kicking off in the United States, eventually witnessing a gradual rise in India.   

In another sense, Bollywood's shadow can be seen over different music genres in India.  

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