Treat your guest with these Seraphic dishes on 'Chhath Puja'
Treat your guest with these Seraphic dishes on 'Chhath Puja'

Chhath Puja which is called Dala Chhath and the festival celebrate at a stretch of 4-days, this festival is mainly celebrated in the northern parts of India. It is considered to be 'Mahaparv' or a great festival, the festival is all about fasting as about food specially cooked in the festive seasons. In every celebration, food plays a very crucial role in this holy festival in which the preparation of 'prasad' made in pious 'Ganga Jal' on traditional 'chulha' made of mud which gives the prasad a smoky flavour. These food items may look like simple or ordinary but it tastes divine when cooked during the 4-day festival that ends after offering araghya to Lord Surya. The divine receipts which are prepared in the holy festive season are many try this at your home and treat your guest with this food.

Bottle Gourd Sabzi

This simple recipe prepared in Ganga jal is offered with boiled rice. It indicates the purification of the body for the extensive festival.


It is the most popular receipt of the festival that is prepared with wheat flour, ghee, sugar and dry fruits.

Rasiyaw or Rasia

The dish prepared with rice, jaggery, milk and water, this sweet dish is offered to Lord Surya on the second day of the festival.

Green Chana Masala

This simple recipe which is made after soaking green chana overnight. Soaked chana is sauteed in ghee with cumin seeds and green chillies. In some parts of India people  are offered raw with puris after soaking overnight.


This is the most common recipe of Indian cuisine, but it tastes divine when prepared in ghee during the festival.


Kesar is popular Bihari recipe made during Chhath Puja festival. This quick-to-make recipe is best consumed during the winter season as the combination of powdered rice and jaggery keeps the body warm.

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