Know what your wealth line and fate line indicates

Sep 11 2019 03:20 PM
Know what your wealth line and fate line indicates

There are many lines in the hand which indicate the arrival of wealth. There are many hand marks which indicate to become rich and today we are going to tell you about those lines and marks of hands which are pointing towards making you rich. First of all, let us tell you that the money line in the palm does not start like a lifeline from every place in the palm of every person and the line of money in the palm of every person is different.

* It is said that if Sun Mountain, Venus Mountain and Guru Parvat are raised in the palm, then your financial condition will be good and you will enjoy a happy life.

* It is said that Venus mountain signifies material happiness, Guru Parvat shows leadership ability and Sun mountain shows respect and fame. With this, if an M shape is being formed in the palm consisting of lifeline, fate line and brain line, then it is a sign that you will earn a lot of money between 35 and 55 years of age.

* It is said that in some people's palm, their fate line acts as the line of wealth, that is, it tells the condition of wealth. It is said that those whose palm reaches a straight line out of the ocean and reaches Saturn mountain, they continue to benefit from wealth.

* If a triangle sign is being made in the palm, then it is a money line. Actually, having such a line means that you are going to earn money from not one but many sources.

* It is said that if some line reaches near the root of Mount Mercury, that is, you take ancestral property from your family members.

* It is said that if a line is coming out of the fate line in the palm, reaching the Mount of Sun, then you will get lucky in financial matters.

* It says that the line is coming out from under the thumb to reach Saturn mountain, then you should think about business because there is a lot of money for you.

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