Trilateral Summit between China, Pakistan and India possible
Trilateral Summit between China, Pakistan and India possible

After Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Xi Jinping's Wuhan meeting, China has clearly indicated that India has come forward to overcome existing bad relations with them. China's Ambassador Luo Zhaohui has said that the relations between the two countries cannot bear the same incidents as the other docile. In such a situation, there should be an attempt to find solutions to issues such as border disputes that are agreed upon by both the sides. Zhaohui also called for initiating talks on the Free Trade Agreement between the two countries and initiating trilateral cooperation between China, India, and Pakistan.

The Chinese ambassador has not been in the tradition to give candid statements in such a way. In this way, the offer from Zhaohui is being considered as a proposal of the Chinese government in the diplomatic circle. He said that some Indian friends have talked about initiating trilateral cooperation between India, China, and Pakistan under the SCO which is a very positive suggestion. This is possible because when there can be cooperation between Russia, China, and Mongolia, then why not of these three countries.

The third suggestion of the Chinese ambassador is to have a shared campaign on connectivity projects. In this context, he said that both countries can start such a program in Afghanistan. It started by jointly training Afghan government officials. Their fourth suggestion is that the border dispute will be settled soon and it is through special representatives. It is a charter that negotiations are going on between India and China to settle the border dispute through special representatives. Its next meeting is scheduled for this year in Beijing.

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