Tripura: Carcasses of hundreds of migratory birds found at Udaipur Lake, Poaching Suspected

Hundreds of migrating birds' carcasses were found at an Udaipur Lake in Tripura's Gomti district in a tragic scenario. Following the finding of the migrating birds' bodies, the Tripura forest department has launched an investigation into the birds' mysterious deaths.

Since the last six to seven years, migratory birds from California have been landing in Tripura's Udaipur Lake. Due of the severe cold conditions in California at this time of year, these migrating birds make Tripura their winter home. Locals in the Sukh Sagar Lake area, hunt these birds for food.

Pesticides used in nearby farmlands are also suspected as a possible cause of the birds' unexpected and large-scale deaths, according to locals. "We've witnessed people carrying dead birds away. Some people put the bird carcasses in bags and carried them home. "We have no idea why they took it," a local told to media. Carcasses of these migrating birds were allegedly found in a large area that included farms and the lake.

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