Trollers trolled Khloe Kardashian after seeing her bent finger.

Khloe Kardashian has been noticed by fans in a strange pose. Where his fingers appear to be folded in a slightly different way. Due  to this pose of Chloe, people's attention has come to the finger tips of her fingers. Due to her strange hand pose and finger nail fashion, Chloe has come into the target of trollers. In a scene from Last Week The Kardashian Show, the viewers have also taken a strange detail notice.  

Chloe's weird fashion: Khloe Kardashian has been seen having lunch with family in Calabasas, California, in the middle of the show. Khloe, who walks out of the restaurant, is spotted in a black bodycon dress. Khloe held the blonde hair open. TV star Khloe has completed her entire look with full glam makeup with gold jewellery and black sunglasses. Despite this brilliant look of Khloe, people's attention has come to the fingertips of the model. Fans have noticed the strange fashion in Khloe's fingers.  

In the scene, Khloe had gone to lunch with mother Kris Jenner at a restaurant. When he reached out his hand to lift a glass of water, his pinky finger looked twisted differently. The video of this scene of the show has been posted by a fan on TikTok, which has got 4 million views so far. People shared this video a lot and there were also various comments on it.  

Chloe trolled on fingers: According to media reports, the video is shared  and captioned, "Did anyone notice the fake fingertips? Fans immediately started reacting to the video. One user wrote-  Khloe must have not paid attention to his nails, so he is giving a strange strange pose, so that he does not see. Let me tell you, even before which Khloe has also been trolled for photoshopping his fingers. A few pictures of Chloe had gone viral in the past few days, in which her fingers were seen to be longer than necessary.

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