Truth of Anup-Jasleen Relationship to be revealed; Who will be out from the house?

Oct 08 2018 12:12 PM
Truth of Anup-Jasleen Relationship to be revealed; Who will be out from the house?

The explosion in 'Bigg Boss' 'Weekend War' can be seen in the upcoming episode. This time no one has been homeless from the house and Anup Jalota has been sent to the Secret Room.

As soon as Bhajan Samrat went to the secret room, a truth has been revealed about Jasleen that even himself Anup didn't knew. As soon as Salman Khan said to the house members that one of Anup Jalota and Jasleen could live in a house, Jalota decided to go on his own. Meanwhile, Jasleen did not even tell him that you do not go, I will go away. At that point of time, Salman along with house members unable to digest that.

As soon as Anup goes to the Secret Room, Romil and Deepak talk together. Meanwhile, Deepak says to Romil- 'One thing I was very sad that Jasleen did not say to stop Anup Jalota ji once.' Then Deepak says, 'Jasleen asked you what you can get in the property by staying in live-in.' Then Romil says - 'I understood the point. Before the nomination, Jasleen wanted to stay in the house and bring herself in the eyes of the people.

Romil says to Deepak - 'She just wanted us to talk about this issue. This issue can be heated enough, so eliminate this issue. ' Let us tell you, as soon as Anup went to Secret Room, Jasleen is very happy with the family members. Even her close friendship was being seen with Shivashish.

The promo of the 'Weekend Ka Var' episode was shown to be telecasted on Monday in which she was seen spending most of the time with Shivashish. It was shown in this video that Anup Jalota has been keeping his eyes close on Jasleen from Secret Room. Even he was seen saying that 'Jasleen, do not you get any stress for me?' After coming back from Anup Jalota's Secret Room, it is decided to make a noise in the house. Even the truth of Anup and Jasleen's relationship can be revealed.

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