Try these 11 kisses to leave your partner swooning

Apr 22 2019 09:15 PM
Try these 11 kisses to leave your partner swooning

Nothing can be better than a perfect lip-lock with someone you really like and it is also important part of romantic relationships. A study conducted by the Oxford University showed that kissing helps people measure potential partners and once one is in a relationship, it is one of the best ways to keep a person into sticking around.Lets know about different benefits of the Kisses.

Lap kiss: Take your partner’s head in your lap and gently lean over and kiss the lower lip with your upper one. It can end up being much more.

Finger kiss: A sensual ritual, this starts with gently touching the partner’s fingers with your lips and then taking it in any direction the moment deems.

Kissing triangle: Here, you start by kissing your partner on the lips and then from there slowly from kissing the neck you move back to the lips. It is playful and extremely arousing.

Shoulder kiss: Grab your partner gently from behind. Melt into the person and gradually run your lips and tongue on your partner’s shoulder. This is one of the most sensuous and hot kissing technique.

Earlobe kiss/sucking: Another way to gently arouse your partner, take your partner’s earlobe between your lips and start tugging it gently. Check out what happens next. Avoid biting or tugging too hard.

Nibbling kiss: This one involves using your teeth when kissing your partner. The right way to do is being gentle and soft. Slowly transition from using your lips to gently squeezing your partner’s lips with your teeth and then slowly pull back so that his/her lips slowly slide through your teeth.

Sucking your partner’s lips: One of the most seductive ways to kiss ever, take your partner’s upper or lower lip, and passionately suck it. Switch after a few seconds. Your partner will enjoy it immensely.

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French kiss: This requires moving your tongue in and our of your partner’s mouth in rapid movements. Nut during the entire process your tongues should be relaxed and lips tight. This is one of the most timeless romantic kisses.

Neck kiss: A make out session with your partner without some ‘necking’ involved is futile. Breathe into your partner’s neck and whisper sweet nothings to their ears. Start licking and bite on their neck in a playful manner and enjoy all the moaning and groaning together. If your partner allows, you may plant a little love bite as well.

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Forehead kiss: One of those kisses which has the deepest and most affection involved, softly brush your lips on your partner’s forehead and enjoy being together. Nothing says I love you and I will always be there with you better than that.

Nose kiss combination: Smoothly rub your nose with your partner’s and then kiss the lips without letting your nose away. Might be a bit slippery, but it will only bring you closer.


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