Try these Beauty Hacks; You'll wish you knew them sooner

The best beauty tips, in our opinion, are always worth sharing. We're always on board with methods to make our beauty rituals quicker, simpler, and more effective, whether it's a novel way to use a beauty product or a quick trick that makes applying makeup a breeze. Additionally, having access to the best beauty tips will always be helpful on lazy days or when you're pressed for time.

Always try to keep your procedure as easy and streamlined as possible when doing hair and makeup. It's fun and simple to learn new beauty tricks for yourself owing to TikTok, Instagram, and the countless celebrity interviews (and their makeup artists) at our disposal. Agree? Then look at these bizarre yet brilliant beauty hacks that you'll wish you had known about earlier.

Get more use out of lip gloss:

This hack made us feel bad for all the lip glosses we've thrown away prematurely. It turns out that the (plug? stopper-thing?) present at the top of most lip gloss tubes can be removed using a pair of tweezers, allowing the wand to reach deeper into the tube and access a lot more product. The best thing, though? This also applies to other goods with comparable packagings, such as concealers. 

Use A Shimmery Lip Balm As Highlighter:

Here's a clever tip: You may moisturise your lips and get those sun-kissed cheekbones by using a nutritious, shimmering lip balm. These pink-hued balms, which contain jojoba oil and shea butter, apply clear to your skin and dry with a dewy sheen and a bit of sparkle. Get this three-pack on Amazon for about $10, which is significantly less than other highlighters.

Use Diaper Rash Cream to Treat Dry Skin, Chafing, Razor Burn, and More: 

It appears that diaper rash cream is much more than what its name implies. Diaper rash lotion, like this one from Pipette, is used by beauty hackers to treat everything from dry spots to razor burns. Pipette's cream has no scent and is formulated with nourishing shea butter and calming zinc oxide. It is designed to apply smoothly and treat a variety of skin conditions, including dryness, rashes, and irritation.

Create your own tinted moisturizer:

Add a few drops of your go-to foundation to your preferred moisturiser if you don't have a tinted moisturiser or BB cream on hand and need a little bit of coverage. While still offering all those wonderful moisturising advantages, the foundation will provide the moisturiser with just a hint of coverage.


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