Try these hacks for tastier Smoothies

Oct 09 2020 01:13 PM
Try these hacks for tastier Smoothies

Smoothies are more popular and very tasty and the taste adds more when it is home made with an array of fruits and vegetables. Here are few simple tricks to make a much tastier smoothie:

-Bunch of fruits on a blender doesn’t give good smoothie but a bunch in proper order gives. The best way is to blend the leafy greens first with the liquid base and then top it off with other ingredients.

-Good blender also matters. The right kitchen equipment is a must for good smoothie. Certain recipes really require the use of a high-powered blender, those with touch greens such as spinach or kale.  A well-designed and powerful blender makes smoothies smooth – not chunky.

-Add some veggies for some extra micronutrients. Including some type of leafy green, such as spinach or kale, really boosts the overall nutritional properties of your smoothie! This is also an extremely easy way to achieve the daily recommendation of 4-5 servings of vegetables a day.

-When it comes for fruits in smoothie, prefer frozen fruits instead of fresh ones. An inclusion of one frozen ingredient gives best texture.

-Balance the smoothie with taste. Ingredients with different taste can be added.

-Nut butters, chia seeds, yogurt, protein powder can be added to make smoothie a protein rich food.

-Avocado can balance the flavor or texture or nutritional imbalance. They have zero grams of naturally occurring sugar per serving, which helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels

-Adding a flavor of the individuals taste like cocoa powder, sugar, honey etc gives extra taste. Make your own ingredients with your creativity.

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