Try these tips on first date to get chance for the second one

Apr 18 2019 06:32 PM
Try these tips on first date to get chance for the second one

Dates plays an important role in a relationship. First dates are always filled with assumptions and tensions as to whether it will lead to a second date or not. a new study finds that one thing, which can lead your first date to a second: be nosy.

According to researchers from Harvard University asking a lot of questions about your date and their life, makes him/her more feel more connected.Many single people are worried about seeming too intrusive on a first date, but the psychologists say showing genuine interest in someone can majorly boost your chances of them wanting to see you again, reports the Independent.

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For the study, the researchers analysed three speed-dating sessions, where 110 men and women had just four minutes to get to know each other.They were asked, which people they would like to see again and recorded the conversation.

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The researchers also paid attention to when participants asked follow-up questions about their dates, showing genuine interest and delving below the surface.They then cross-referenced the findings.

While the average number of questions asked was ten, those who asked 15 were likely to get at least one more second date. the researchers wrote in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology,"Speed daters who ask more follow-up questions are more likely to elicit agreement for second dates,"


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