Try these tips to enhance the excitement during foreplay

Feb 12 2019 11:05 PM
Try these tips to enhance the excitement during foreplay

The sex can be enjoyed best if you don’t miss all theree fore play, play and after-play. Talking about Fore play,  it is mistaken as kissing and hugging. Foreplay means anything that comes before sex — including what takes place long before the stripping.

Not necessary that forplay start only in bed it can even start the day before, with anticipation and teasing. To enhance the anticipation, try developing some ‘sexual signals’. One such signal can be running your fingers along your throat in slow motion.

Here are the few things which signals the excitement

Tips For women

The communicate your needs and wants. If he does not know what you want, he can’t give it to you.

Guide him how to caress you.

Wear sexy lingerie under your clothes while at home.

Drive each other nuts before you start the act. Only then you can have incredible orgasms.

Tips For men

Invent sexual signals and use it to inform her.

Set the scene. Whisper sweet nothings before you drag her to the bed.

Start with non-genital caressing. She needs to know that you care about her.

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