Try this simple way to have more sex in a relationship

Mar 30 2019 08:30 PM
Try this simple way to have more sex in a relationship

Sex is one of the most important biological need. It delivers an important role in a loving relationship.  It’s often the glue that bonds as a couple.  Not only does it help us feel connected to our partner, but sex also produces “feel good” hormones, such as oxytocin, that allow us to stay vibrant, energetic and happy. The Young people are exploring their sexuality and taking their pleasure in a relationship more seriously. As couples get more adventurous in bed, there’s also a rise in number of people looking for more sex as multiple platforms have opened doors for them to meet more people. A new survey holds the answer to this question as it revealed that a large number of people have sex when they are on vacation.

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According to the study, taking a trip with your partner helps when you are looking for more sex as people feel healthier, more relaxed and hence more sexually aroused. In addition to feeling more passionate when they are relaxed in the absence of work related pressure and stress, many couples said they went a step ahead to get adventurous which includes having sex on the beach, park or a field. 

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