Try this spongy and soft biscuit cake !

Jun 28 2016 04:33 PM
Try this spongy and soft biscuit cake !


Parle-G biscuits - 20 biscuits

Hide and Seek Biscuit - 20 biscuits

Powdered sugar - 3 tbsp

Milk - 1 cup (lukewarm)

Vanilla essence - 3/4 tsp

Eno/Fruit Salt - 1 packed (plain-non flavored)

Cashew nuts or almonds - 3 tbsp chopped (optional)

Baking tin - 7 inches pan


1. Powder the biscuits (hide and seek and parle-G) separately in a mixer. Then mix both well.

2. Add powdered sugar, cashew nuts and mix well.

3. Add vanilla essence, milk (little at a time) and mix without lumps to get a smooth batter. I added one cup of milk.

4. Before adding eno/fruit salt, bring water to boil in a steamer or cooker or any pan and keep it ready.

6. Add eno and mix well with a spatula.

7.Transfer the batter to the greased baking tin, place it on the pan or cooker and steam cook covered.

8. Steam for the first 15 minutes on high flame.

9. Then keep the flame/heat low and steam for another 10-15 minutes. Insert a toothpick in the center of the cake to check if it is cooked. If it comes out clean, it is cooked.

10. Leave it to cool in the cake tin. After it is cooled, remove the cake from the tin. Run a knife around the edges and invert it on a plate. Cut the cake after it is completely cooled.

Serve the cake !

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