TSMC will continue to produce chips for Huawei

May 25 2019 04:00 PM
TSMC will continue to produce chips for Huawei

A subsidiary of Huawei - HiSilicon is developing its chipsets and modems at the foundries of TSMC and will continue to do so. The representative of TSMC said that the company will continue to work with Huawei, despite the fact that many others are losing touch.

Among them are ARM. Kirin chipsets use ARM for CPU (Cortex) and GPU (Mali), so this is a huge hit. However, HiSilicon should still release current models and possibly even the next chipset in the development process.

A source at ARM told the BBC that the Kirin 985 ban should not be affected. This chip was most likely designed for Huawei Mate 30 phones, but without Android, their future is unclear

In January, Huawei introduced Tiangan, the world's first mainstream 5G chip, which is used in Huawei 5G base stations. However, this chip includes the development of ARM, so now the company's network business is under threat, just as operators around the world are building their 5G networks.

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