Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji written update: Police to arrest Uma

Oct 15 2017 09:55 AM
Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji written update: Police to arrest Uma

The episode starts with Saras shown walking barefoot on stones near the lake. She smiles as she notices slippers there which were kept by Vansh. Vansh who is on the other side of the lake requests her to wear it but she doesn't wear. Vansh removes his shoes and even he starts walking barefoot on stones. Watching all these Palomi comments that only a true lover can do this. Kanak, on the other hand, is seen enacting Krishna and Rukmini's wedding drama with family. Through drama Kanak tries to explain Uma that a girl should be given a choice to select her life partner. But Maasa says that Rukmini was god and they should not compare a god with a human. Paloma is seen entering Kanak's room and dressing up like her, Kanak walks towards her room and notices that her room is locked. She tries to peep in through the window, but dupatta gets entangled in a drawer, while she is trying to get it free, Polomi walks out without getting noticed.

Uma is shown buying things in the market when he notices her someone dressed up like Kanak walking. He follows her, but she manages to escape. He thinks that this time Kanak should be at home applying the herbal paste to Maasa and she shouldn't be here. Meanwhile, Kanak is seen applying the herbal paste to Maasa and she says this paste will revive her energy soon. She silently prays that Uma should also realise that whatever he is doing is wrong. Shiv asks Suman if Saras is going to leave tomorrow. Suman asks her who told him about this. Polomi listens to it and scolds him to control his emotions. Kanak tells Paloma how can a child control his emotions. Police enter the house and say they have come to arrest Uma as he tried to make his sister sevika. Paloma asks that who filed this complaint. Police respond saying that it is confidential, but all they can say that it is one of the family members.

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