People who consume meat should not plant Basil at home
People who consume meat should not plant Basil at home

There are many people all over the world who plant Basil in their homes. You must have seen Basil plant in most Hindu homes, but today we are going to tell you which people should not plant Basil in their home. 

*Basil is considered Param Vaishnav. It is said that tantric methods are not used in the worship of Lord Vishnu. For this reason, people who consume meat should not plant basil at home.

* It is said that even those who eat onions should not grow a basil plant in their home.

* Alcohol has always been considered taboo for Vishnu devotees. Because of this, people who drink alcohol should not plant basil. Basil does not benefit such people.

* Basil should never be kept in the south direction because Basil kept in this direction always gives inauspicious results.

* When Basil is planted in the ground, it gives inauspicious results. This makes the people of the house sick.

* It is said that Basil should never be applied towards the south-east or north-west direction. Because the basil kept in this direction does not bring prosperity.

* It is said that basil should never be kept on the roof. Because Mercury planet gets spoiled and the person gets mentally disturbed.

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