Basil leaves fights many diseases, know its benefits

Sep 10 2020 02:33 PM
Basil leaves fights many diseases, know its benefits

In Ayurveda, Tulsi or Basil leaves has been considered a disease-destroying herb. With the use of Tulsi as a medicine in many diseases, Tulsi leaves are also treated in skin infections. So let's know the benefits of Tulsi -

Basil Nutrients
The nutrients present in Tulsi are very beneficial for the body. Vitamin and mineral elements are found in basil leaves. Tulsi mainly contains vitamin C, calcium, zinc and iron etc. Along with this, basil also contains citric, tartaric and malic acid.

Benefits of Tulsi
-Tulsi root can be sucked like betel nut to get rid of cough
- In Basava disease, placing basil leaves in a mouth like betel nut with black salt gives relief.
- Toast green leaves of Tulasi on fire and take it with salt, it cures cough and throat.
Chewing four roasted cloves with basil leaves cures cough.
Chewing soft leaves of Tulasi provides relief in cough soon.
-In cough-cold- Drinking tea made with basil leaves, ginger and black pepper instantly benefits.
- Ten - Twelve basil leaves and eight-ten black pepper tea made by drinking cough, cold, fever becomes good.
- If there is a rattle and cough in lungs, you can take dry basil leaves with four grams of sugar candy.
Cough is cured by giving black basil juice with one and a half spoon black pepper.

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