Read how ‘Tuned in Tokyo’ owner Frankie Quiroz became a bankable name in the automotive industry

Jan 03 2020 09:53 AM
Read how ‘Tuned in Tokyo’ owner Frankie Quiroz became a bankable name in the automotive industry

The beginning of anything new needs to have a big idea behind to impress the audience. This is one important aspect every entrepreneur keeps in mind before starting a business. Frankie Quiroz, the founder of ‘Tuned in Tokyo’ is an entrepreneur who started the automotive apparel company from scratch. His brand has not only created a trend among the youth, but it has also received immense attention on social media with a reach of 1 million followers on Instagram. 

Apart from this, he owns various other clothing brands hitting 8-figures in online sales per year. However, he had a lot of hurdles in his childhood as he was raised by a single parent in a lower-class family in Riverside, California. He attended nearly 14 schools because of the financial troubles growing up. Since then, Frankie made up his mind to earn millions. With a team of 30 people working under him, he is all set to take ‘Tuned in Tokyo’ to a new level in the coming years.

Speaking about his successful entrepreneurial journey, he said, “As a kid, I always wondered what made me distinct from others. I discovered the fact of how to make money through different sources. I had no guaranteed business and whatever I have achieved today is because of the mistakes I have earlier made and the people I have met in my life.” Moreover, 2020 will also see Frankie Quiroz expanding his businesses and helping other aspiring entrepreneurs flourish their businesses by doing the right kind of marketing and branding that took him where he is today.

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