Tushar Kumar: The Journey of a Music Video Director

It’s not always about those big faces everyone sees on their television screens or in theaters. The ones working backstage are the ones embodying the backbone of the project. Hidden stars are also the real ones. One such hidden jewel is Tushar Kumar, known for his outstanding work in the Punjabi Music Industry. Founder of the company named ‘Tushar Kumar Films’, Tushar Kumar undoubtedly is a prominent name in the Punjabi music world.

Tushar Kumar is a line producer, known for making music videos in the Punjabi music industry. It’s because of the reliable and consistent hard work of people like him, that others can portray successful roles on the screen. Tushar with his talent and expertise has increased the standards of the Punjabi music industry among the top video makers of the world. Tushar Kumar with his team is earnestly working towards making Punjabi music videos popular all around the world, using his committed and inspirational vision.

Tushar Kumar's taste and method of creating a music video is not only splendid but also aware of what people like today.  He knows what he is putting forward in front of his audiences. Owing to his talent and name, Tushar has worked with many top Punjabi artists such as Parmish Verma, Karan Aujla, and Ranjit Bawa a few names.

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