TV Actress Madhurima Basak set to travel to Darjeeling for a TV show

Madurima Basak, a Bengali actress has commenced shooting for a new Bengali serial, which she is very pleased about. Reasons? The production is being directed by Leena Gongopadhyay, and the cast is  excited ang goint to Darjeeling for the shoot. 

"We'd already been to Darjeeling for the shoot in the first week of January, but it was freezing and stressful." Call hours used to be between 4 and 5 a.m., and the temperature was one or two degrees Celsius. As a result, we had to return. "Right now, we're going to go back there next week," she stated.

Gudddi, a Bengali show, is about a little girl who has lost her mother. Gudddi's home tutor is played by Madhurima. "Guddi aspires to be a cop, and he meets one, played by Ranajay." There is now a chance that the instructor and the police officer may have an affair. Let's see how the tale unfolds," Madhurima added, adding that the show's premiere date has yet to be decided. The video was shot near the Nepal-India border in Darjeeling.

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