Tv actors of this daily soap to recite Hanuman Chalisa

Among the deities, Hanuman is the only one who has been on the earth from Treta Yug to Kali Yuga, such has been the belief of Sanatan Dharma. Apart from this, on Wednesday, the whole country is celebrating Lord Hanuman's birthday, at the moment it has been said that Hanuman does not consider himself to be God. He considers his adorable Lord Rama and his devotees also consider him adorable. At the same time, he calls himself Ram Kinkar, Kinkar means the slave of slaves. &TV has made a unique preparation on Wednesday evening to celebrate the birth anniversary of Lord Hanuman at the same time all over the country.

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Along with this, this unique event to celebrate Hanuman Jayanti is to recite Hanuman Chalisa together. On Wednesday night at 9.30, the cast of the serial 'Kahat Hanuman Jai Shriram' is going to read Hanuman Chalisa with their audience. Apart from this, Sneha Wagh, who plays Mata Anjani in the serial, says, “I start my day with Hanuman Chalisa. At the same time, it gives me positive energy. It fills me with inspiration and enthusiasm for the whole day. With this, 'Sneha further says that' I do not visit the temple regularly, but whenever I get time I definitely go to Hanuman temple.

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Jatin Lalwani, who is playing the role of Kesari in 'Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram', says, "I have been hearing stories of the valour of Lord Hanuman since my childhood. Along with this, I have also instilled this same habit in my children. On the occasion of 'Hanuman Jayanti' we will celebrate this festival by making flower garlands at home, cleaning the temple and singing hymns to Lord Hanuman and then we can experience the joy of reciting Hanuman Chalisa with everyone at 9.30 pm. '

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