Twitter clarifies rules on Hate speech- would apply same for 'Donald Trump'

It is a certain mess that when Donald Trump became the president, how much he might have been using hate speech on his opponents or those who is not accepting him as the president of United States? Trump has always been called the bug trap of speech and its misuse. It is also suggested that Trump did have a notion of using social media as a manufacture of mismanagement, thereby Twitter has now made rules very clear for the current President of United States that the proceeding rules for anyone who utilise hate speech is against the code of speech in social media, thereby Trump needs to be careful as he is not exempted from the same.

Twitter has clarified that even anyone who is a president does tend to repeat himself or herself about the global the policy of regulations thus it remains same for the American president Donald Trump as he needs to be careful while applying or using hate speech at certain social platforms.

Twitter has long since expressed the view of public response in relation to the hate speech which has been utilised often when it comes to the public poll, cultural balance or power of a global reputation. The social media like Twitter does tend to use policy of Tolerance, but it seems to be on alarm as far Donald Trump is concerned. Here is no doubt that Trump is habitual to mismanage his own virtual voice, thus his hate speech can affect the identity of America as a global nation state.

Twitter officials have clarified the issue also that it has nothing to do with current state of policy by Trump as American President, But there is certainly political touch to the same hate speech not mandatory as it relates Trump with White Draft proposal and if the American president doesn't think Twitter's rules in proper order, The president's account can face serious damage.

How far this message has been relayed to current American president is not yet justified, but there is no doubt that Twitter will apply same policy for everyone and it would remain same even if it is to be for present American president...

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