Twitter handle of Ravish Kumar remained verified even after not tweeting for 4 years, but unverified Vice president's account

New Delhi: Social media platform Twitter has made up its mind to target Government of India leaders and make fun of the country's rules and regulations. It is then that he sometimes removes the official fact check of the rumour of 'vaccine death', sometimes removes the blue tick of the Country's Vice President's Twitter account and sometimes argues in court against the government. But, towards left-wing journalists like Raveesh Kumar, the heart of the Twitter but not  anything against him. 

Now Twitter has replied why it "Unverify" the Twitter handle of the country's Vice President and Rajya Sabha President Venkaiah Naidu and removed the blue tick he got. In fact, Venkaiah Naidu has 13 lakh followers on his Twitter account, while his vice-president official account has 9.3 lakh followers. Now Twitter has arbitrarily snatched the blue tick found in the accounts of RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat as well as 5 other senior RSS leaders. On the other hand, retired IAS officer Sanjay Dixit has also been removed from the blue tick. Now Twitter says Vice President Naidu's handle was 'Inactive' (passive), so it was removed from the 'Verified' category. Let us tell you that Venkaiah Naidu last tweeted from this handle in January 2020. According to Twitter rules, if the handle remains inactive for 6 months, it is 'Unverified'.



But, in the time of journalists like Raveesh Kumar, Twitter forgets his rules also? When Raveesh Kumar's Twitter handle is nailed, you will find that he retweeted a tweet directly in January 2020 after a tweet in August 22, 2015, a gap of 4.5 years. He then tweeted and retweeted a tweet directly in January 2021, a gap of 1 year. This year too, he has not tweeted for the last 4 months, but his handle has never been Unverified and Twitter remembered the rule on the vice president's account.  It clearly shows that Twitter is working under a particular agenda, which certainly does not seem to favour the Government of India and the Government of India.

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