Twitter fined $150 million in data privacy case

Twitter has agreed to pay a $150 million fine for failing to keep user data confidential for the past six years. Let us tell you that the Ministry of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission, while announcing the settlement with Twitter, said that, 'The social media company will now also prepare new standards for the data security of users.' Let us tell you that US officials say that Twitter has agreed to give this amount to settle the allegations in the privacy matter.

Yes, and the Ministry of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) accused Twitter of giving phone numbers, email information to advertisers to earn money in the name of tightening privacy. In fact, regulators allege that Twitter violated a 2011 FTC order protecting the confidentiality of their non-public contact information by defrauding users. Not only this, US regulators also alleged in a federal lawsuit that Twitter falsely claimed that it complied with US confidentiality agreements with the European Union (EU) and Switzerland.

Yes and commission chair Leena Khan says that Twitter had obtained data from users on the pretext of using it for security purposes, but in the end this data was used for the purpose of targeting users for advertising. On the other hand, US Attorney Stephanie Hinds says that users who share their personal information on social media have a right to know if that information is being used to help advertisers target customers.

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