Twitter is now
Twitter is now "Off Limits"

Twitter is now off the limits of 140 character limit. So the day has come when you can post freely. But there’s a tricky way to it, the character limit is still 140, the thing which is put off the chart is, photo, GIF’s, videos and polls.That’s right, you’re photos, videos, GIF’s won’t be counted among those 140 characters that you are posting, that’s a total different entity from now on and the thing that you captioning or telling about it, is different.

These attachments are a second matter, other than the written characters ,to that there’s good news for the people who like to elaborate someone else’s tweet. So, while retweeting, you get your own word limit of 140 characters.

The iOS app store says "Count fewer characters! Now adding a picture, video, GIF, poll or Quote tweet won't cut into your 140 character count".

While Twitter's Google Play Store page says "A few updates to make Twitter even better. Happy Tweeting!".So, you can either update it manually or wait for the update to show up in your phone.        


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