Twitter's clean-up campaign affects Modi and Rahul, three lakh followers disappeared

Jul 14 2018 10:31 AM
Twitter's clean-up campaign affects Modi and Rahul, three lakh followers disappeared
On the social networking site Twitter, the number of followers of many celebrities has declined. Twitter launched a campaign to close the fake account, after which the decline was noticed. In this, nearly 3 lakh followers of PM Modi were reduced. At the same time, the followers of Rahul Gandhi, Arvind Kejriwal and Sushma Swaraj have also fallen short.
About 7 crore fake accounts have been deleted so far in the Twitter campaign against Fake Account Campaign. Because of this, the number of followers of many celebrities also declined. According to information, the number of followers of PM Narendra Modi has dropped by nearly 3 lakhs. Earlier, there were 4 crores 34 lakh followers of PM Modi, which has reduced to 431.3 million.
At the same time, about 74 thousand followers of External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj have come down, while 92,000 followers of Kejriwal have come down. Along with this, 20 thousand followers of Rahul Gandhi have come up. Earlier Rahul Gandhi had 72 lakh 40 thousand followers, which has decreased to 72 lakh 20 thousand.
It is not that there has been a decline in the follow-up of Indian Indian politicians. Due to the removal of accounts for suspicious activities by Twitter, nearly one million US President Donald Trump, while four million followers of former US President Barack Obama decreased. According to the 'Washington Post' news, this move of the micro-blogging site has been taken to make its platform cleaner.
Twitter is flooded with spam, trolling and other objectionable activities. On Twitter, 33.6 million people log in every month, but many of these profiles were not active at least once a month. The company said that its movement can affect six percent of the followers and many popular accounts may fall in the next one week. According to the newspaper report, about one million followers were from lost President Trump's 5.34 million followers, while four million of former President Obama's from 10.4 million followers were reduced.
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