Twitter showered Rahul Gandhi with trolls on his 'coco-cola' comment

Jun 12 2018 12:25 PM
Twitter showered Rahul Gandhi with trolls on his 'coco-cola' comment

The chief of Congress, Rahul Gandhi has been trolled badly on Twitter.
It is nothing new that the politician is trolled a lot many times by his haters, but this time, the trolls were an outcome of his own statements.
When he said that the world-renowned company earlier sold ‘shikanji’, we couldn’t control our laughter over the man’s knowledge.

Rahul Gandhi had said:

"You must have heard about the company that is coca cola 
But are you aware who started it? who was that man?
I will tell you who he was. I will tell you who he was. The person who started the Coca-Cola company has once sold 'shikanji'. He was a  'shikanji'  seller in America. The watery mixture was loved by the customers. He was the man in demand and he got money and started the Coca-Cola company."

He said some things about the food chain Mc Donald's . According to him, the owner once owned a dhaba . And asked the audience, where are such dhabe wale in India? Why isn’t there such retail food chains in India?
This was enough for the trolls to come into action. The new hashtag saying #accordintorahulgandhi is trending on Twitter.


what is your take on the twitter trolls ? let us know in the comment section below.

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