Twitter timeline no longer auto-refreshes, allowing users to read tweets without disappearing

Twitter has launched an update to avoid auto-refreshing of users' feeds, which caused some tweets to "disappear" as they were being read. When tweets vanished from view in the middle of a read in September, Twitter declared that it was working on a solution, adding, "We realise it's a frustrating experience," and the patch is currently going out to Twitter's online platform. Users will be able to load new tweets by clicking on a tweet counter bar at the top of their timelines, which will show above current tweets in their feed.

Twitter's online version will now act similarly to its native iOS and Android applications in that it will no longer auto-refresh users' timelines, instead loading tweets for when they manually refresh their feed. In recent months, Twitter has progressively added new services; in addition to its audio chat room Spaces, which it introduced about a year ago, the network recently rolled out its Twitter Blue premium service to US users. For a monthly cost of $2.99, Twitter Blue includes the option to "delete" tweets, ad-free content from select publishers, and a Nuzzel-like summary of popular stories.

The most recent change, like Twitter's decision to remove Fleets less than a year after launching the expiring tweets feature, demonstrates that the business takes user input into account when making changes and upgrades. If only we could get them to enable editable tweets, that would be fantastic.

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