An Epic example of Indian Jugaad, know how this Homemade sprinkler works
An Epic example of Indian Jugaad, know how this Homemade sprinkler works

Although many videos are becoming viral on social media, there are also some videos which people like to watch again. One such video has recently surfaced which will make you laugh out loud. You will be forced to praise this person. Jugaad is a word that is most commonly used in India. Seeing the makeshift, people get shocked. Weird Jugaads are often seen in India.

In this viral video that the vegetables are being grown within the gardening program in the lawn of a garden. But vegetable plants are being watered with a fan. For this, the pipe containing water is tied with a movable table fan. When the fan turns from one to the other direction, the pipe also turns with the fan. In this way, water is being given to every part of the garden. 

People are watching this viral video and are busy praising Desi Jugaad. But, some people are calling it stupid as well. They said that if you cannot do fifteen minutes of work, then it shows that you are lethargic. This viral video has been shared by Indian Forest Service officer Sushant Nanda on Twitter account. The video is captioned "Jugaad! Homemade sprinkler".

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