Two drunk men beat up an Uber driver to death

Two drunk men thrashed an Uber driver to death. The culprit is that the Uber driver took the passenger to the wrong location, angry that they started beating him with kicks and punches. Due to this, the driver later died in the hospital. According to the news, this incident is from the city of Rochdale, UK. The hearing in the court regarding this incident which happened in October last year had started recently. Amidst the hearing, it was said that 20-year-old Conor McPartland and 18-year-old Martin Tracy took a lift from an Uber driver to go to the Ko-Ko Lounge Nightclub.

But allegedly 38-year-old driver Ali Ashgar had taken him to Coco Restaurant. It was a mistake due to the name of the said nightclub and restaurant being similar. In such a situation, when Connor and Martin asked the driver to walk a mile ahead of the nightclub, their argument started.

Driver kicked and punched: Prosecutors allege that in the midst of an argument, Connor and Martin began brutally beating driver Ali Asghar. He started throwing kicks and punches at him. The driver fractured his skull in the attack and died in the hospital after two weeks. In this case, trial started against Connor and Martin at Manchester Crown Court. Recently, this case was heard, in which prosecutors have leveled many allegations against both of them. However, Connor and Martin have denied killing the Uber driver.

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