Two fans came from London, considers Sumedh Mudgalkar as God
Two fans came from London, considers Sumedh Mudgalkar as God

In olden times, the viewers watching TV were crazy about Ramanand Sagar's show 'Krishna'. People were so crazy about Swapnil Joshi who played the main character of Krishna that they used to stand on the line to meet him on the set. The role of 'Krishna' made him a god in the eyes of the people. Something similar has happened with actor Sumedh Mudgalkar. She is playing the main character of Krishna in India's popular show 'Radhakrishna'. The character of Sumedha's 'Krishna' has become so famous worldwide that two of his fans came from London to meet him and Mallika Singh, playing the role of Radha.

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Sumedha was shocked by giving her fans' fealty and there was no place for his happiness. He could not believe that two women in their 60s came from London only to meet him and Radha. Sumedh met them and shared this news with the fans. In addition, he also shared pictures with his fans on Instagram.

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Sumedh also wrote a heart-touching post for thanking those fans. He wrote, 'Came from London, just to meet me? It felt a bit strange in the beginning because I never thought that two such beautiful women of 60 years would come from that corner of the world to meet this child and the whole team. Kaushalya, all the moments I spent with you were unreal. The love you have for me is more than special. Thank you so much. You have blessed my life with your blessings.'

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