These two melons sold for Rs 18 lakh, find out what's so special?

May 26 2021 04:20 PM
These two melons sold for Rs 18 lakh, find out what's so special?

In the summer season, the name of melons brings water to the mouth, but in Japan, people are so obsessed with the fruit that two melons popularly known as Yubari have been purchased for 2.7 million yen (18,19,712 lakh). This year, these melons were auctioned in Northern Hokkaido, Japan, where these melons were bid so high. Last year also, two melons were auctioned for a higher price.

The organizers of the auction said that these eubari melons of the same size are popular for their high quality and sweet taste. These fruits are grown in hokkaido in very difficult conditions during the winter season. This fruit is seen by combining it with respect. The crop starts in May and lasts till August. The farmers here are very conscious of the size and beauty of the fruit. Melons need to be round and smooth for a good price.

This particular variety of melons is known as Yubari King, which is grown in the Yubari region of Japan. There is also a super market in Japan's Hyogo province for buying and selling melons. According to local media reports, this time a baby food producer has paid the highest price for these melons. The auctioned melons will be donated to families with young children who were previously selected in online draws. Tell us that eating melons keeps the body good and avoids the risk of infection and bacterial infections.

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