Two Men caught red-handed while doing this…police taken into custody

Mar 17 2019 02:15 PM
Two Men caught red-handed while doing this…police taken into custody

Thane: The Thane rural police arrested two people for possession of drugs after days a drug cartel was busted in Delhi. The police seized contraband worth Rs 3 crore from the two accused. The accused were booked by the Navghar police. Here it is to be noted that the two accused were identified as Yogesh Ramanlal Shah, a 50-year-old and Sadev Vaidnath Jamadar, a 38-year-old. The contraband seized is worth Rs 3 crore and is called ephedrine. The two accused are residents of Kandivali and were caught red-handed by a police team.

However, assistant Superintendent of police, Thane (rural) said that a police team was appointed near the Buntas Hotel on Mira-Bhayandar Road on Friday night. It was added that the two accused were allegedly bringing the bags in an autorisckshaw when the police caught them. The bag contained 25 kilograms of ephedrine.

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Here it is worth mentioning that ephedrine is a medicine which is used to treat asthma and other medical conditions but has been banned by the Food and Drug Administration because it is also a stimulant.In a similar incident involving drug abuse, the Delhi police caught hold of heroine worth Rs 332 crore. The police even arrested 10 people for their probable role to play in the incident.

However, the police seized 83 kilograms of heroine. The contraband seized is priced at Rs 332 crore in the international market. It is being alleged that the contraband might have come to India as a part of narco-terrorism.

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