2 new cases of corona found in Shanghai

Beijing: Due to this infection of coronavirus spread from China, the whole world is upset today. Today the whole world is troubled by this virus. Due to Covid-19 infection, many people are losing their lives every day. So somewhere due to this virus, the shortage of food and drink in the homes of people is continuously increasing.

2 new infection cases have been found in Shanghai, China, which are from outside. The Municipal Health Commission was informed on Saturday. There is no increase in the case of domestic infection. It has been learned that the infected have returned from outside. One of which a citizen has returned to Shanghai from America via France on 3 August.

Another one has come back from UAE. They were quarantined after returning to China. In this sequence, the test was done after showing symptoms of coronavirus. Both were found positive. There were a total of 103 people on the plane with these two, they have also been quarantined. As of Friday, 424 infections have been confirmed in Shanghai and 342 local infections have been confirmed.

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