Two pieces of body cut off from a cutter on the set, Shilpa Shetty screamed out of fear
Two pieces of body cut off from a cutter on the set, Shilpa Shetty screamed out of fear

In the famous reality show India's Got Talent of the television world, those moments are very surprising when some magic is shown. Believe me, silence spreads on the entire set. A similar scene was seen in the last one episode. When magician BS Reddy started showing his magic. Seeing his magic tricks, you will say that how is this possible? The magician's feat, which stunned the spectators including the judges, will get rid of your sixes. He showed such a magic in the show in which a girl was cut into two pieces.

Seeing this feat of the same magician, anyone should be forced to press his finger under his teeth. The magician showed this magic trick on a girl. A beautiful girl in a black outfit first lay on the table. Then a sharp cutter comes from above, placing it on the girl's waist, her body is divided into two parts.

Because of this, the girl screams and screams. She wants to get up from the table but can't. The girl faints after the body is cut into two halves. The magician brings the girl to her senses. On the other hand, there is a lower part lying apart from the torso where the girl's feet are dancing. The judges are surprised to see all this. Shilpa Shetty starts screaming. The king turns his chair. Kirron Kher hides her face with a sari. So Dharmendra looks shocked. Everyone is surprised to see the same video.

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