UN staff member suspended after sex-act video went viral

Jul 03 2020 05:04 PM
UN staff member suspended after sex-act video went viral

Two UN staff working for peace operations in the Middle East were suspended. Both of them are accused of sexual misconduct. This was disclosed by the UN spokesperson. During this, a video was viral on social media investigated by the United Nations Office of Internal Investigation. In this video, a car with the mark 'UN' is shown. The vehicle was seen in Tel Aviv in which two staff committed such a deplorable act.

On Thursday, Stephen Dujarric, a spokesman for the Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, said that the two men appearing in the video have been identified. The United Nations has named him a member of the United Nations Truce Supervision Organization (United Nations Truce Supervision Organization, UNTSO) as a peace envoy in Jerusalem. In this 18-second video that went viral on social media last month, a woman in a red dress with a male can be seen on the back seat of the vehicle. The investigation was started as soon as the information was received from the United Nations.

Describing the same further, the spokesman of the Secretary-General said that he is very upset with this footage. The primary investigation of the case confirmed that two staff were involved in the case, both of them were suspended until the investigation was completed. Such allegations have been on UN peacekeepers and other staff for a long time. In recent years, such cases have increased very much. There are more than a hundred allegations of sexual abuse on members of the United Nations in 2019. General Secretary Antonio Guterres has spoken of 'zero tolerance' for such cases within the United Nations. After the completion of the investigation, strict action will be taken in this matter.

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