Two youths gangrape woman after drugging her, case registered

Meerut: A 22-year-old girl from the Bareilly district of Uttar Pradesh has registered a case against a woman and two youths from Dulhaida for allegedly gang-raping her here. Police said it is alleged that the youths drugged her in a cold drink and sedated her and allegedly gang-raped her.

Quoting a complaint filed by a 22-year-old girl from Thana Cantt in the district, Devesh Sharma, in charge of Pallavapuram police station in the district, said that the victim had come to Meerut on July 15. It is alleged that the son of a woman friend along with a young man drugged her in a cold drink and gang-raped her at night and made a video of it. He said the victim has demanded action against the accused. Pallavapuram police registered a case of cheating and gang rape against the accused- Women Meenakshi Chauhan, Aniket Chauhan, and Ajay Chauhan.

Local media quoted the victim as saying that the accused woman Meenakshi Chauhan used to describe herself as the union minister of Mahila morcha of an organization and allegedly extorted money from her in the name of getting people to work. According to the police station in-charge Devesh Sharma, the victim has undergone medical treatment and further action will be taken by recording her statement.

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