Tyre of Mirage fighter plane stolen from truck near Lucknow airbase, FIR filed

Lucknow: Something has happened in Lucknow, and you will lose consciousness as soon as you realise what it is. In reality, there have been incidents of theft of wheels from automobiles parked outside the home or on the highway in the past, but criminals have now put their hands on the tyres of the fighter plane Mirage (Fighter Plane Mirage). Yes, it's unbelievable, but it's real. The theft incidence has recently been a topic of conversation. Anti-national forces are suspected of being behind the incident, according to information gathered in the investigation. As a result, air force police officers have joined the police in the investigation.

The incident is alleged to have occurred on Lucknow's Shaheed Path. Five fighter plane Mirage tyres were supplied from BKT airbase in Lucknow to Jodhpur Airbase (Jodhpur Airbase). The trailer was stopped in a traffic congestion on Shaheed Path, and the scorpio-riding thugs cut the rope and ripped a tyre off the trailer, stunning them. According to accounts, the motorist was unable to stop the criminals owing to traffic on the road, but notified the authorities, despite the fact that the thieves had already left. In this case, motorist HemSingh Rawat said he arrived at Jodhpur airfield with four instead of five tyres and was apprehended by Air Force police.

While its trailer delivers fighter plane parts, the Air Force is concerned that the event was caused by an enemy country. Hem Singh informed the police that the crime was done by "two miscreants in a black car." After obtaining information about the crime, police are currently examining CCTV video from the area. On November 27, at about 2 p.m., the event is claimed to have occurred.

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