Uber to Launch in Israel, following its Global Expansion Uber to Launch in Israel, following its Global Expansion

In its mission on expanding the business globally, Uber Technologies Inc will soon make a big launch in Israel. The ride-hailing platform will launch in the said country by connecting to a nationwide network of licensed taxis

Taxi drivers in thousands, both, working independently and working for companies have already joined the said platform, the service also includes sharing the ride, however, it is only available to passengers in mainly two cities in Israel, which are also one of the largest cities in the country, namely, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, a statement by the company said.    

Uber currently operates in more than 70 countries and 10,000 cities in the world and will compete locally with Israeli services such as Gett and Yango.

However, this is not the first attempt made by the company to establish its business in the country. A previous attempt back in 2017 by Uber to operate in Israel was halted by a court. Uber faced a barrier when Israel’s Transportation Ministry, Taxi Driver Union, and a rival ride-hailing company won the injunction after complaining that the United States-based company uses drivers who lacked proper business licenses and insurance. 

"We want to use technology to turn taxi services, working with other public transportation services, into the alternative to the private car they can be," said Gony Noy, general manager of Uber Israel.

Aiming to have every taxi available on its app by 2025, the company is also focusing on partnering with many other nations including Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, Turkey, South Korea, Hong Kong, as well as New York, San Francisco, and many others, said the company

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