Shocking revelations about Kanhaiyalal murder, this big thing came to light in investigation

Udaipur: A major revelation has been made in the investigation of the Kanhaiyalal murder case in Udaipur, Rajasthan. Two Maulanas Riyasat Hussain and Abdul Razzaq from Udaipur had sent the murder convict Muhammad Gos to Pakistan for training in Daawat-e-Islami. Along with Gos, Waseem Attari and Akhtar Raza also went to Pakistan. The NIA has arrested the three. According to sources, two maulanas and two advocates are also involved in the murder conspiracy, they have also been arrested. It is being said that there was a meeting of the criminals in which Riyaz Attari took the responsibility for killing tailor Kanhaiyalal.

Riyaz, Mohammad Gos, Asif and Mohsin attended the meeting. Just 500m away from Kanhaiyalal's shop, a conspiracy was hatched to kill in Mohsin's shop and Asif's room in the neighbourhood. The four criminals in the murder case of Tailor Kanhaiyalal were produced before the NIA court on Saturday. Police had already arrested two criminals Riyaz, and Mohammad Gos, involved in the murder. Both the criminals shared the video of the murder. Subsequently, the Rajasthan ATS arrested two other criminals Mohsin and Asif on Friday.

Riyaz had prepared Asif and Mohsin to join him in the incident by radicalizing them. Asif and Mohsin were involved in the planning of Kanhaiyalal's assassination to the making of weapons. Riyaz and Mohammad Gos were already in the lane where Kanhaiyalal's shop was located. In Udaipur, when some people started supporting the controversial statement, Riyaz and Mohmad Gos decided to do something big. Kanhaiya seemed to be a simple victim and since earlier Riyaz and Mohammad Gos used to come to Kanhaiya's shop and were aware of that street, and they carried out the murder.

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