Kanhaiyalal's killers have no regrets for what they have done, who made them so fanatical?
Kanhaiyalal's killers have no regrets for what they have done, who made them so fanatical?

New Delhi: The Kanhaiyalal murder case in Udaipur is being investigated by the National Investigation Agency (NIA). Many people have been questioned in this case and many people are being questioned. The technical examination reports of mobile SIMs of many people are yet to come. Amidst all this, one thing has come to the fore that Kanhaiyalal's killers have become so bitter that the accused have no regrets about the violence that is being criticized all over the world. Now the challenge for the NIA is who are the people behind making these two so strict.

The NIA has not issued any official statement on the entire matter, but those related to the investigation and under the scanner have confirmed that the main accused have become very radical and have no regrets over what they have done. According to media reports, the Udaipur case, the brutal murder of Umesh Kolhe in Amravati and the Islamic fundamentalists caught in Bihar seem to have the same thinking. The NIA has said that the module being worked on in The Phulwari Sharif area of Bihar is a threat to national security. A case has been registered against 26 people in the case since it was handed over to the NIA on July 22. He was arrested a day before PM Narendra Modi's visit to Bihar, whose aim was to target the PM.

According to sources, most of them have links with radical Islamic organisations (PFI). Intelligence inputs of the raid in Bihar have recovered the papers of the PFI along with documents containing '2047 India: Towards the Dominion of Islamic India'. Let us know that the goal of PFI is to make India an Islamic country by 2024, for which it is adopting various tactics. It is also being said that the murderer of Udaipur, the killers of Amravati, and the terrorists of Bihar Phulwari Sharif, all of them have the same thinking and are all fanatical toward Islam.   


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