Udaipur Man Beheaded for Supporting Nupur Sharma


In a shocking incident, a local tailor was mercilessly beheaded in broad daylight in Rajasthan, making people question the existence of Hindus in the state. 

The tailor who posted a video on social media supporting Nupur Sharma about a week ago had been receiving threats ever since the video went viral.

“Rajasthan has become a state of Taliban.” BJP leader Rajvardhan Singh said.

The accused went into the tailor’s shop in broad daylight, and then beheaded the victim brutally, and went on to post the video of the crime on Twitter.  

The city is on alert every since, restricting the use of the internet in Udaipur. The murder took place in Dhanmandi of Udaipur, and the situation in the city is worsening with every passing second. 

40-year-old Kanhaiyalal Teli owned a shop named Supreme Tailors near Bhootmahal located in Dhanmandi. Two miscreants on a bike entered the shop and did the unthinkable. 

He had not opened his shop for over 6 days and had further registered a named report of the youths threatening to hurt him. Though, the police reportedly did not take his complaint seriously and only asked him to be careful for the next few days.

The people are questioning the integrity of the Rajasthan government and the police for not taking any action even after the pleads of the victim. 

The police are now on alert in all over the country including Uttar Pradesh.

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