Ujjain: Woman dies into ambulance as ICU was locked
Ujjain: Woman dies into ambulance as ICU was locked

Ujjain : Coronavirus has killed many people. Meanwhile, inhumanity has been seen. The lady sent RD Gardi Medical College from Madhav Nagar Hospital, suffering in an ambulance with pain. The ICU gate was locked. The lock could not be opened due to missing of key. In such a situation, the woman's family members and health department employees broke the lock and took the woman from the ambulance to the ICU but she was dead till then.

In this incident Laxmibai husband Ashok Chauhan, age 55, resident of Danigat, had difficulty in breathing and increased blood pressure. The woman was admitted to the district hospital by her family members on Thursday. Due to shortness of breath, he was shifted from here to Madhavnagar Hospital at night. He started treatment with a sample here. On suspicion of corona infection, the woman was sent to RD Gardi Medical College on Friday. Here the ICU gate was locked. Whose key could not be found. The gate opener was also missing.

The woman was suffering in an ambulance. Family members kept pleading for the lock to be opened. Later, after a lot of effort, he broke the lock and with the help of health workers took the woman to ICU. Here the duty doctor declared the woman dead after doing the checkup. He said that the woman had died in an ambulance.

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