MP: Controversy over shooting set of OMG 2, questions raised over low fare

Ujjain: Akshay Kumar's film OMG-2 is currently being shot at the Mahakal temple complex. However, now there is a controversy over the shoot of the film. As per the recent information, the unit of the film is scheduled to shoot at Nandi Hall and Ganesh Mandapam including temple complex and sanctum sanctorum for about 7 days. But now there is a controversy over its rent. Let me tell you that the shooting of OMG-2 is scheduled for 10 days at Mahakal temple but the producer has paid only Rs. 51 thousand to the temple committee. That is what has created a ruckus. At present, the entire set of the film has been set up in the temple, not only that but the food is also being cooked in the discourse hall for the film unit. The fare being paid is said to be low.

Paramahamsa Avadhesh Puri Maharaj has raised questions about low rent and cooking in the discourse hall. He has said, "Only Rs. 51,000 has been paid as rent to Mahakal temple for shooting for Oh My God-2 film. While devotees donating jewellery worth Rs 17 lakh had to wait for 2 hours due to the shooting. They were kept outside by the temple committee. It was expected that the shooting of the film would earn the temple committee crores of rupees, but only 51,000 rupees have been paid for rent.''

Paramahamsa Avadhesh Puri Maharaj has raised questions about the same and many people are supporting him. Well, this is not the first controversy that is taking place in Madhya Pradesh. In fact, there has been a controversy over the shooting of Ashram-3 earlier.

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